Libra Astrology: All About The Zodiac Sign Libra!

Libra zodiac sign

Libra: Justice

Libra is one of the cardinal zodiac signs. In astrology, the cardinal zodiac signs represent the energies of initiating change and new beginnings. Libra belongs to the element of air alongside fellow air zodiac signs Gemini and Aquarius. The planet that rules the zodiac sign Libra is Venus. In astrology, the planet Venus is associated with love, money, romance, friendship, and beauty.

A Libra man/Libra woman is someone who is gracious, respectful, fair-minded, peaceful, and easy to get along with. Libra men and Libra women are known for being flirtatious. These social butterflies have the ability to easily make friends due to their calm and unassuming nature.

Some of the negative characteristics of Libra individuals include indecisiveness, self-pity, and a tendency to hold grudges and be passive aggressive. In Tarot, the zodiac sign Libra is associated with The Justice card. In a Tarot reading, The Justice card suggests to pay attention to where you may be unfairly judging a situation based on your ego rather than your intuition. The Justice card in Tarot is associated with legal laws, fairness, cause and effect, truth, and justice.

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