Aries Astrology: All About The Zodiac Sign Aries!

Aries zodiac sign

Aries: The Emperor

Aries is one of the cardinal zodiac signs. In astrology, the cardinal zodiac signs represent the energies of initiating change and new beginnings. Aries belongs to the element of fire alongside fellow fire zodiac signs Leo and Sagittarius. The planet that rules the zodiac sign Aries is Mars. In astrology, the planet Mars is associated with sex, aggression, war, destruction, anger, and sports.

An Aries man/Aries woman is someone who is confident, courageous, optimistic, passionate, and a natural born leader. Aries men and Aries women are known for being very active and competitive people. They are full of energy and have excellent organizational skills as well.

Some of the negative characteristics of Aries individuals include aggressiveness, moodiness, and a tendency to be impatient and short-tempered. In Tarot, the zodiac sign Aries is associated with The Emperor card. In a Tarot reading, The Emperor card suggests to pay attention to where you may be doubting yourself or lacking in self-confidence. The Emperor card in Tarot is associated with authority, self-confidence, and leadership.

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