Gemini 2018 Horoscope

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2018 Horoscope For Gemini

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Gemini 2018 Horoscope

You are restoring balance and happiness back into your life, Gemini, and you will be putting drama and the past behind you in 2018. You have realized the importance of being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts in your life. You are now understanding the importance of actively working to resolve a conflict in your life rather than just glossing over a conflict in your life and hoping it will be resolved the way you want it to naturally on its own. At the beginning of the year (from January 2018 to about May 2018) you will be focusing on getting clear on your current path in your life.

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2018 Tarot Card Spread For Gemini

From May 2018 onward, your focus will be on getting in touch with your intuition and learning to follow your heart and to follow your own path in life. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a better future in life when your current conditions and your current circumstances in life are distressing and seem hopeless, but you are learning that your current conditions and circumstances in life do not dictate your future outcome in life. This is an important and revolutionary lesson that you are learning at this time in your life because this lesson will help you to manifest better things for yourself in the future. Do not compare yourself or your life to the lives of the people around you because they have their own paths in life and you have your own path in life. You must silence that self-critical and judgmental voice inside yourself and learn to trust your intuition instead. This is a good year to do things that help to build your self-confidence and that help to build your self-esteem.

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