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20/20 Special: 20 Minute Recorded Video Psychic Tarot Reading and a 20 Minute Recorded Video Birth Chart Overview Reading.

THIS IS NOT A FULL BIRTH CHART READING. THESE ARE RECORDED VIDEO READINGS ONLY. This is a 20 minute recorded video psychic tarot reading and a 20 minute recorded video birth chart overview reading. For your psychic Tarot reading, I will answer your questions and show you the shuffling of your cards and show you all of your Tarot spreads throughout the reading, upload the video to Google Drive, and then send the downloadable video link to you via e-mail. A prayer is said before each Tarot reading to clear the energies and to ensure the accuracy of the reading. For your birth chart reading in a separate video, your birth chart will be projected on a recorded screen and I will explain a brief overview of your birth chart in detail via a voice-over that will be uploaded to Google Drive and then the downloadable video link will be sent to you via e-mail. This type of birth chart reading from Lamarr will include an in-depth analysis of your natal chart that covers most of your placements. After you have purchased your reading, please send your gender (male, female, or otherwise), and the time, place, day, month, and year that you were born, as well as your 1-5 questions for your psychic Tarot reading to lamarr.townsend@gmail.com and please read the FAQ section for more information.