Reviews And Personal Reading Testimonials

“Hello Lamarr! I’m following up with you to let you know that from front to back…EVERYTHING you said was SPOT ON!! You are a gifted and talented individual! I am officially the “President of your fan club” as the reading was so accurate you saw things that I didn’t even bring up in my initial email to you. I’ve always been a believer in spiritual capabilities, however the reading exceeded my expectations and I TRULY feel VIP from your professionalism and prompt response down to the quality of the reading! It is a wonderful feeling when you can make a purchase for ANY service and come out of it as if you got MORE than what you paid for and that is EXACTLY how I feel! I WILL BE BACK for more readings!! I will refer you to ANYONE with confidence! I am truly impressed and humbly grateful for your help and service!! The cards you threw in were an added bonus I appreciated! Please create more of your own custom tarot cards!! I enjoy the way it connects your intuition to that of the reading Emoji I wish you much success and I will see you in my next reading!! Thanks a million!!”

– Chevaun J.


“I want to thank you for the readings that you have done for me. As an intuitive empath myself, I follow my guidance and look to other readings to ensure I am on the right spiritual trajectory. I found your channel synchronistically and you really resonated with me. The private readings you have done for me have been not only accurate, but extremely helpful in my journey. I love how you tell it like it is. It is quite evident that my guides communicate through you, they even cause you to use vocabulary like mine LOL it makes me confident that you are communicating directly with them. Also, your sense of humor makes me laugh and makes your readings that much more enjoyable! Even though divination is simply a guideline, everything is variable to change and free will, having direction enables me to make sound decisions as to where we want to go in life! I will definitely be looking to your readings as part of my menu of useful tools! May you continue to grow in your services and prosper in your abilities! Thank you again, for your direction, guidance and humor!”

Christina Hope Justice


“Your reading was so on point that it was scary! Thank you for your insight.”

– Shari S.


“Your reading for me was beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes. You have brought some comfort and answers to my life. You are very intuitive and gifted.”

– Maria C.


“I am not one who is particularly into readings of any kind due to my religious background. However, I decided to have what turned into multiple readings with Lamarr because of his down to earth and warm energy. His ability to touch and bless others with his gift of tapping into the spiritual realm for guidance is most definitely something everyone should have the privilege to witness or be a part of. His readings have been extremely helpful for me on a personal and spiritual level. The accuracy and specificity were something I made sure to pay attention to and my friend exceeded my expectations. I will definitely continue to utilize Lamarr’s services for as long as I can!”

– Dorian L.


“Your reading definitely resonated with me and gave me some clarity I needed. I’ve already sent a few of my friends your way! Thank you.”

– Monica S.


“I have always been a believer of a higher, spiritual presence. My mother read Tarot cards around me as a child frequently. Over the years, I have experimented with one Tarot reader and a few mediums, mainly to see if they could help me make contact with my mother or to get guidance with my career choices and my love life. Unfortunately, all the responses were very generic. I met Lamarr in late 2015 and learned a year later about his interest and talents in Tarot readings. My first reading was very personal and overwhelming because he was drawn into one direction and then the next. Every card touched a piece of my life both present and future! I recommended three coworkers to get readings from him as well! I can’t wait to revisit the cards and see what Lamarr sees!”

– Sara S.


“You were dead on. Your reading truly helped me out.”

– Josie S.


“I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts to explain how amazing and authentic my reading was. I couldn’t believe how many key things came up. I was amazed sooo many times. You are truly a conduit. You brought up the singer Aaliyah during my reading and I’ve always loved Aaliyah. I grew up listening to her and her spirit always felt familiar, much like yours, and spirit told me you were perfect to do my reading. This was my first time having a Tarot  reading done and the best $30 I’ve spent in a while. You will certainly be hearing from me again, I appreciate you. Thank you so much.”

– Randi J.


“When I first discovered Lamarr on his YouTube channel I could tell his energy was very positive and honest. I decided to get a reading from him because I felt that I could trust him with my energy and looking into my situations. Ever since then, I have purchased many readings from him because he is just that good. He is very in-depth and gets to the point during his readings. He picks up on your energy instantly. You will always get your money’s worth when you purchase a reading from him. He also makes you feel like you are sitting down with a friend that you have known for years. I will recommend him to anyone I know! Thanks again Lamarr.”

– Jada B.


“You were spot on with my entire reading. I mean everything, and that’s never happened before with other readers! I really appreciate your honesty and  genuineness. You are awesome! I am now a loyal customer. This will not be my last reading! And the birth chart reading you did gave me so much insight about myself, you are very knowledgeable and I love it! I can’t forget to thank you for the tips and insight on doing Tarot readings! Thank you again, Lamarr. You are definitely someone I’m keeping around.”

– La’Renna B.


“I want to express my deep appreciation for you and your work. Your presence made all the difference at my darkest hour.”

– Annika T.


“I don’t know if this is a weird comment, but you are very calming to listen to! You just seem like a kind person as well, and that’s why I keep coming back. Thank you so much.”

– Alane A.


“I just want to say thank you. There is something about you that makes me feel comfortable when I watch your YouTube videos and that’s why I wanted to get a reading from you. I hope to get more readings done by you. God bless, from Toronto, Canada”

– Diana De D.


“Your reading helped to relieve me of some doubts and it gave me some useful advice that I needed. I love the recorded video concept because not only do I get to re-watch it, but I also get to re-watch and see the cards that you pulled and I love that. And honestly, the anxiousness while waiting for the video makes it even more intense and cool, it made the reading more valuable and I appreciated it more. Also, you’re funny AF. I can’t wait to see you on TV or on a screen somewhere, it felt like we were friends while you were talking to me. I also like how you didn’t sugar coat anything. One thing I was afraid of was getting all bad news, but actually it was all good news for me to hear and I honestly feel like you didn’t hype or de-hype anything and kept it real. I love that. Everything you were saying was right. You don’t understand how helpful that was. Thank you so much.”

– Manny C.


“Everything that you saw happened. This was even before I listened to and watched the reading. I appreciate that you do the reading so quickly. I am more than satisfied.”

– Rashida M.


“I just wanted to thank you for both readings. Honestly I can’t believe how accurate it was considering all you had was birthdays; just makes me believe in energy and bonds even more. You truly have a gift for reading, but even more important for interpretation. Keep doing what you are doing, I will certainly be back for future readings.”

– Roo G.


“I just want to say thank you, Lamarr, for your readings. The information that came up (past, present, future), were on point! I am still shocked. I will continue to get readings from you. Thank you again.”

– Jen M.


“Thank you for your reading and your intuition! Your gift is beautiful and I wish you happiness, success and everything else your heart desires. I will be in touch.”

– Afsoon B.


“I loved my reading. You were hitting the mark on everything! I’m thinking about purchasing a candle from you. Thank you so much!”

– Reena B.


“Thank you so much for the reading! The reading was extremely accurate. I appreciate what you do. Love and blessings to you always, Lamarr.”

– David B.


“Thank you so much, Lamarr, for your insight! I really appreciate it and I will get another reading soon. I will be definitely referring you to other people!”

– Mel O.


“Thank you for my wonderful reading. It really resonated with me, and confirmed a lot of what I’ve been feeling and going through. You are very perceptive. Thanks again.”

– Mirandra P.


“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do my birth chart reading, I loved it! It was so interesting and you made it easy to understand, and it was so spot on I couldn’t believe it! Everything you said was so true it was amazing!”

– Lauren M.


“Thank you for the fantastic birth chart reading! I appreciate your attention to detail with asteroid explanations. Thank you!”

– Paula P.


“Your reading was an exciting experience for me; no one ever looked at my birth chart in such detail, or at all really. Your words gave me many insights, and I could relate very much to your estimations. Also, I had to smile when you talked about that Taurus softness, and that youthful glow!”

– Saya S.


“Your reading was thoughtful, helpful, and clarified many things that I was confused about. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. You speak with such compassion and depth. It’s really beautiful. I look forward to future readings with you!”

– Gladys S.


“Thank you for offering me some clarity. The reading was comforting. I will be doing another update reading with you real soon.”

– Latonya S.


“Everything you said in my birth chart reading is so true! This just confirmed what I have already known about myself and at the same time gave me a new perspective! And your voice is so soothing! Thank you so much!”

– Melissa M.


“Point the biggest skeptic out and a reading by Lamarr is certain to make them a believer! He is connected to the source. I especially appreciate his consistency and above all else his genuineness. His enhanced psychic ability is magical! He is certainly a master teacher connected to the physical and spiritual dimensions. I purchased three readings and simply because I was utterly amazed with the results I also purchased his e-book Zodiac Signs Sex Language. I can hardly wait to enjoy more readings in the future by Lamarr! Thank you! Peace, love, and prosperity unto you!”

– Karissa G.


“Thank you, Lamarr, for the intuitive reading. I’m more at ease knowing that ALL will be okay. You solidified my hopes and thoughts. I definitely will be back in the future.”

– Myles P.


“Thank you so much for you reading, my friend! Much love and respect for you and your work. Thanks again for the amazing work!”

– Sylvia A.


“Thank you for my reading. It was spot on. You are truly a blessing. Thanks again. Sending love and light!”

– Shaye E.


“Thank you, Lamarr! I appreciate you taking time to help me figure my life out.”

– Shelly T.


“Your hands are so moisturized! Random, I know. Anyway, thank you so much. I’ve watched twice so far and more things are resonating with me. Got some confirmation and revelation. Thank you again for sharing your gifts and take care!”

– Lenora W.


“Awesome birth chart reading! I just wanted to say thank you for your insight. I definitely resonated with it. I love astrology and your reading has helped me understand a whole lot of things in a different light. I found you on YouTube and I felt a connection with your energy. It was so cool to learn that we have a lot of similar placement in our birth charts. Thank you again.”

– Darlene B.


“Thank you so much for doing this reading for me. There were definitely many messages that resonated with me. I think there were quite a few things that came out in the reading that are important for me to keep in mind moving forward. It was a beneficial birthday reflection for me. Best of wishes to you! Peace and happiness!”

– Chris V.


“Thank you so much for the reading. It was right on point!”

– Anna B.


“Thank you so much for you reading. It was very valuable to me. If I could point out everything that resonated with me, it would be a 5 page email! Everything you said was spot on. I once again thank you for your time and energy. I will definitely be back!”

– Cassandra D.


“Thank you so much for your reading. Now I feel like you’ve opened my eyes to see which way am supposed to go. Once again thank you for the reading. Until next time.”

– Betty M.


“Thank you. Spot on with everything. I will be getting a birth chart reading soon!”

– Sherlita S.


“Many thanks for this insightful reading, it was quite incredible! Thank you so much again for sharing your gift with me, I appreciate your kindness, good intention, realness and seriousness you put into your readings. I have been watching your video reading for me several times now and every time it enlightens me a bit more. I am very grateful to have come across your YouTube channel a random night few months back and trust my instinct to have booked a couple of readings with you since then. I send you positive vibes, love and light.”

– Melissa D.


“I am amazed how accurate your readings are. Everything that you described was accurate – the core issues, behaviors, and matters at hand are so true, may they be past, present, or in the process of being addressed. Just unbelievable!!! Your insights embolden and encourage me to continue on my path. Blessings and peace!”

– Tamara B.


“Thank you so much for my reading. It was amazing and made me feel so much calmer about the situation. Everything you said rang true. I’m sure I will need your reassurance again soon. I will be in contact again soon for another reading!”

– Jayne B.


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your reading daily since I received it and it has been a great reminder and positive inspiration on how I should move about my days. I struggle sometimes with indecisiveness and not following my heart, but your video gives me great peace and confidence in my ability to trust my heart and my gut and move throughout the day fearlessly. I definitely will have you as my reader whenever I need a little guidance to get back on track with life. Thanks for all that you do.”

– Alesha H.